Financing your home purchase is a big commitment for everyone involved. The process of acquiring financing for a home is crucial to your search and will ultimately determine what you can afford.

Find a Lender

Beginning the conversation with a lender about financing a home is the first step in establishing a relationship of communication and trust that will enable you to get the right information about rates, costs, risks, terms, and the fine print. I can help point you in the direction of lenders that have delivered consistent quality customer service to our clients. Contact REALTOR® to speak to a preferred lender

Loan Products

There are a variety of loan products offered in today’s market. There are a few common loan products that are used in home buying. Here is a brief outline of the most common:


A Conventional loan is typically described as a loan that is not insured by the government or any agency. This loan is typically fixed in its terms and rate. Typically, this loan requires 20% down, but I have seen buyers get a conventional loan with as little as 5%.


Check out the FHA website for bit of history and their purpose. They insure lenders that follow their guidelines.


The Veteran’s Administration guarantees a portion of a service member’s home loan so that terms are more favorable for the veteran. Check out the VA’s website for a detail on loans offered, benefits, eligibility, and how to apply.

For more detailed information on home loans and rates, Contact REALTOR® Erick Salgado for one of his preferred lenders.