Financing your home purchase is a big commitment for everyone involved. The process of acquiring financing for a home is crucial to your search and will ultimately determine what you can afford.

Find a Lender

Beginning the conversation with a lender about financing a home purchase is the first step in establishing a relationship of trust that will enable you to get the right information about rates, costs, risks, terms, and all the fine print. I can help point you in the direction of lenders that have delivered consistent quality customer service to my clients. Contact REALTOR® to speak to a preferred lender

Loan Products

There are a variety of loan products offered in today’s market. There are a handful of commonly known loan products that are used in financing a home purchase. Here is a brief outline of the most common:


A Conventional loan is typically described as a loan that is not insured by the government or any agency. This loan is typically fixed in its terms and rate. Typically, this loan requires 20% down, but I have seen lenders offer conventional loan with as little as 5%.


Check out the FHA website for bit of history and the purpose of this loan product. Lenders that follow the Federal Housing Administration’s guidelines offer these types of loans.


The Veteran’s Administration guarantees a portion of a service member’s home loan so that terms are more favorable for the veteran. Check out the VA’s website for a detail on loans offered, benefits, eligibility, and how to apply.

For more detailed information on home loans and rates, Contact REALTOR® Erick Salgado for one of his preferred lenders.