Sell Your Home with REALTOR® Erick Salgado

Listing your home or investment property for sale is made easy with me and my team’s streamlined approach. We break down the process into easy to understand stages with corresponding tasks and milestones that we complete as a team.

Step 1: Prepare your home for sale

Preparing your home for sale and getting ready for whatever comes after the sale can be daunting but this step is absolutely critical. Here a few things that we consider when preparing for a home sale.

Step 2: Market the Property

Marketing a property for a sale is critical to bringing the right buyer. From being accurate with the description to making it look pretty on the web, proper marketing is key to attracting the right buyer.

Step 3: Offers

  • Review, compare, and vet offers
  • Negotiations

Step 4: Open/Manage Escrow

Step 5: Close Escrow

  • Schedule possession, keys, and delivery of funds
  • Connect with an intermediary before close of escrow if you are doing a 1031 Exchange.

Make it easy

Rely on my professional expertise and my team to ensure the process is easy on you. The goal is to deliver excellent results and take the grunt work out of selling your home while providing customer service that is second to none. See what clients are saying about REALTOR® Erick Salgado and his team.

What to Expect

When you hire me and my team to sell your home you can expect a professional execution of the marketing and customer service that is a trademark of my work since 2016.

Preparing for Sale

Every home is different. From pristine estates to those that need TLC, getting ready for a home sale takes some preparation. Our goal is to place the home in the best light possible. During our FREE in home analysis we can discuss how to achieve the best results for your home.

Marketing Services

Marketing your home for sale to today’s Buyers takes place largely online. It is important to have content that engages with the buying public. Entering your home into the MLS is essential to reaching the most qualified Buyers, but we do more than that to achieve the best results possible. We partner with industry professionals to deliver high caliber marketing for our clients and their home.

Our team will help develop the appropriate marketing strategy to accomplish the best possible results in your home sale. Schedule your appointment today.

Drive the Market to your Home with thoughtful analysis

A careful and thoughtful analysis of your home and the local market is essential to a successful home sale. Studying recent sales of similar properties in your area gives us the knowledge to arrive at the right price for your home. There are many variables that can effect a home’s value and marketability and today’s Buyers are very informed with access to a lot of information. Our analysis lays the foundation for a successful home sale by driving buyers to your home with a valuation that is consistent with the market. We also recognize the market moves and requires monitoring so we stay current with our marketing approach and strategy. We also acknowledge that every home is unique. Our FREE in home analysis will help us understand the unique value that your home represents.


The path for every successful home sale is different. Understanding your goals, motivations, timelines, and future plans all play a part on how we prepare and implement our strategy to market and sell your home. Do you need to sell the home quickly? Do you need to stay in the home for a while after selling? Are you seeking to defer your taxes on your sale proceeds on your investment property? Whatever the case, we can work together to make the sale work for your life and goals.

Transaction Management

Every home successful home sale is backed by our team of real estate professionals. Together we ensure that we don’t miss a beat. Escrow, Lenders, Title, and clients interact for a concentrated period of time during a transaction. Effective communication and coordination is fundamental to a successful and timely home sale. Every home sale has a dedicated Transaction Coordinator to facilitate the gathering of information, signing of documents, and following up on contractual items. From accepting an offer up to the close of escrow, we take pride in making our transactions as smooth as possible for our clients.

After Sale

There are many paths that one can take after the sale of their home or investment property. Upsizing or downsizing to a new home? Perhaps you are interested in deferring capital gains tax by conducting a 1031 exchange under the IRS tax code. Maybe you are looking to transfer your tax basis under prop 60/90.  Whatever the case, we can help you achieve your next steps with same quality service that helped you arrive at a successful sale.

Curious about your homes value? Get a Free and fast analysis today!