CRES Seller Protection Plan

Know you are covered with our CRES Seller Protection Plan

Selling your primary residence carries its inherent risks. Know you are covered with the CRES Seller Protection Plan offered at no additional charge to all clients selling their primary residence with REALTOR® Erick Salgado and Palisade Realty.

Next time you interview a real estate profession to sell your home, ask yourself “Am I covered? What if a Buyer tries to come after me after the sale is complete? Did my agent make sure to include protection for me?” With REALTOR® Erick Salgado and Palisade Realty, you are covered.

What is the CRES Seller Protection Plan?

The Seller’s Protection Plan, administered by CRES Insurance Services, provides you coverage for up to 180 days after your escrow closes. In the event of any inadvertent errors and omissions related to the sale of your home, you’ll receive up to $25,000, including defense costs, which you would be legally obligated to pay in the event of a claim

Actual Incident: A buyer claims that a seller failed to disclose that an enclosed balcony was not fully permitted or up to code, had broken roof tiles and improper drainage. Repair estimates ranged from $28,000-$87,000. Fortunately, The Seller’s Protection Plan was in place, which paid $25,000 to the buyer to settle the issue. Case closed. No Lawsuit.

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Selling your home doesn’t end at the sale. Protecting yourself is important and by listing your home with REALTOR® Erick Salgado, an experienced professional, you’ve chosen an insured plan that covers you even after your real estate transaction.

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