North Park to add Target Express

University avenue has been a stalwart of independent businesses and local entrepreneurship. In the North Park neighborhood, this is especially true and a feature that attracts those near and far to patron these fine independent establishments.

The business environment is about to change for these independent North Park businesses as the community welcomes a Target Express this March. While some residents will no doubt enjoy the convenience of not having to travel into Mission Valley for some of those daily essentials that Target is known for carrying, local businesses are going to feel the effects of a big box chain.

South Park went through this not long ago and Ocean Beach is poised to go through a similar experience as store shutter to make room for the new Target coming to the traditionally local business district.

What this all means is yet to be determined. In the meantime, please keep supporting the local businesses that make up the face of your respective communities. I know we all love Target, but let’s love our neighbors more.

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