Thank You Brad & Kelly


When I chose this profession and decided I was going to give it my all to help people achieve the American Dream, I had no idea how much impact I would have on people’s lives.

Brad and Kelly’s confidence in me was unwavering.

I met Brad and Kelly one beautiful afternoon at an open house for one of my listings. They were awesome from the start. We hit it off and they put me to work right away. The goal: Buy a home in San Diego.

The journey from that day forward presented unforeseen challenges and obstacles, but we were undeterred and marched forward towards our goal. Brad and Kelly’s confidence in me was unwavering. They gave me strength to carry the load that we were presented with. Fortunately, we prevailed and Brad and Kelly are now home owners!

Brad left me a wonderful review that chronicles much of what we encountered and how we prevailed. I cannot thank you two enough for this glowing review and for memorializing what we went through together.  Thank you both so very much!

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